Login Account Information

If you are unable to login to My Library Account, your library account may not be set correctly in the WRLC Catalog system. In this case, you need to contact your university library circulation desk to check your account. Proof of eligibility may be required.

You may also report login problems to your local university library. Please provide specific error messages, the type and version of your Web browser, and the location from which you are trying to login.

Library Policy Links Circulation Email Contacts Phone Numbers
American University circulation@american.edu 202-885-3221
Catholic University lib-circulation@cua.edu 202-319-5060
Gallaudet University library.help@gallaudet.edu 202-651-5217 (Voice)
202-651-5212 (TTY/TDD)
email preferred
George Mason University gmcirc@wrlc.org 703-993-2240
George Washington University librcir@gwu.edu 202-994-6840
Georgetown University
accessservices@georgetown.edu 202-687-7607
Howard University hucirc@wrlc.org 202-806-7250
Marymount University mucirc@wrlc.org 703-284-1533
Trinity University trcirc@wrlc.org 202-884-9350
University of the District of Columbia dccirc@wrlc.org 202-274-6009

Account Single Sign-on

Many WRLC services provide access to licensed resources or personalized services that require you to login. To access these services, first select the WRLC university with which you are affiliated. Depending on your affiliation you will either be redirected to your university's login page or will be prompted to enter your last name and university ID number or library barcode.

Once authenticated, you should not have to login again, even as you use different WRLC services on different Web sites, unless your session times out (30 minutes without accessing any WRLC Web pages) or you close your Web browser. If you are on-campus you can access some services without logging in, but will need to login when you first access a personalized service, like My Library Account. If you login to access licensed resources from off-campus, you will be challenged to re-enter your login information.

You should always logout of My Library Account and close the Web browser when you leave a computer that others can use (for example, in the library or a computer lab), to prevent anyone else from accessing your library account.